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“They set up an appointment at my convenience,                     and they were here exactly when they said theyd be.              —Veronica C., Litchfield  $565 in annual estimated savings

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** Customers are eligible to participate in Home Energy Solutions only once every 6 years.

Only customers residing in single-family homes and properties with less than 4 units are eligible for this program.

Please note that there is a possibility that a Quality Assurance Inspector will be on-site or will contact you post-service for an inspection.

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Energize CT—Programs funded by a charge on customer energy bills.

How Your In-Home Energy Service Works

Watch the video above and learn exactly what happens during your in-home energy service. 

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With just a $75 co-pay, you can get a comprehensive in-home energy service. Our authorized contractors will make on-the-spot energy-saving upgrades to your home. Sealing air leaks and installing water-saving devices are just a few examples. You’ll also get a personalized report to help you understand your home’s energy use and opportunities to save. 

Your energy assessment may include:

  • Approximately $950 in products and services
  • A Home Energy Score
  • Custom energy-saving recommendations for your home
  • Rebates and financial incentives to help you save 

On average, Connecticut households save $180 per year from the initial visit, and often more if additional measures are completed. 

See if you qualify for a visit at no cost.

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If you meet income eligibility requirements, you may receive the initial visit at no cost. You may also receive up to 100% off an approved insulation project and incentives for additional energy-saving upgrades.

It's a great time to start upgrading your home's efficiency, and Eversource is here to help with in-home services and discounted efficiency upgrades.